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The start of awesomeness (the Christmas season!)

November 26, 2012 — 1:53 am

It is Christmas time!! I am so flippin’ excited. I just love the Christmas season, and I’ve already dragged out my tree, lights, stockings, wreaths. Kate is very excited by the “kwis-tas twee!” and very helpfully took all the ornaments off it and put them all in a basket. Later however she helped me put them all back on and they have stayed that way for an entire day.

Thanksgiving went well enough, even though I am still rolling my eyes at the American tradition of Thanksgiving a month before Christmas. (I mean, come on! That’s too close!) The food was great, our girls were very well behaved and happy, and there was no family drama like some families seem to suffer from. The girls really didn’t get much nap that day, as we were at one relative’s from noon until 4, then drove to another relative’s from 4:30 until 8. Kate slept in the car and we circled the block a few times; Ember took a couple naps in our arms. But despite the lack of sleep they were both in a good mood and well behaved. Kate spent her time playing with toys, cousins and an uncle who likes to play chase and tackle. Ember sat on the lap of this grandma or that grandma, just checking everything out. I got a few comments of, “Is she always so quiet? I haven’t heard a peep out of her!” She did let out a few complaints when she was hungry and tired, letting me know it was time to take her in the back to nurse her. (She’s at that stage where if there is anything at all going on she will not nurse, just cranes her head everywhere!)

I frequently get a happy, my family is awesome feeling. Because, well, they are. My girls are both such happy personalities (usually), well-behaved and sweet. My husband is also pretty awesome, and I don’t mention it enough!


Kate is getting a little more into crafty things, which makes me quite excited. I’ve always known that she has a thoughtful personality – she likes to figure things out before trying them. I didn’t realize just how much, however, until recently when I watched her with crayons and playdoh. She doesn’t like to experiment. If I had her something new, like playdoh, she looks at it, pokes it gently, then puts it down and looks at me. Even after I show her some things to do she wants me to do them for her. Same with drawing. She is capable of drawing some simple things, but she doesn’t like to do it, she wants me to do it because I do a better job. I encourage her over and over again and I’ve been working with her to do some of it herself – I’ll draw the body, she can add on legs and arms. I’ll roll the playdoh, but she can make the shapes with it. It’s tedious work, but very exciting when she realizes she can do something and wants to do it again. I love the joy and pride in her eyes when she draws something (like a very squiggly line that’s in the approximate area of the arm) and I say, “Wow!! That’s so good, Kate!! You drew an arm!!” She’s going to be a tough one to watch go through school, I think. She absolutely thrives under praise but she totally loses it if something goes wrong or someone gets upset.

Ember, on the other hand, already shows signs of being nothing at all like that. Obviously she’s pretty young so things will change as she hits toddlerdom, but all signs point to her being unphased by what other people think or do. I think she’s going to be a child who jumps in headlong, who learns by doing and experimenting. She could also be the child who gets into everything and drives her parents crazy. We will see.

3 responses to “The start of awesomeness (the Christmas season!)”

  1. Alyssa says:

    Love Kate’s top! Where’s it from!?

    • Nat says:

      I’m trying to remember…. Target or Kohls? It’s not like I shop frequently, I should be able to remember, ha.

  2. loribeth says:

    Your girls are adorable. : ) And personally, I’ve never quite “gotten” the fuss over American Thanksgiving either, when it’s so close to Christmas — although I know it’s sacrilege to say so. ; ) I guess it’s a Canadian thing. ; )