Relaxing Doesn't Make Babies

They get it from us

December 2, 2012 — 11:59 pm

Kate has started touching the side of my face as I lean over her as I tuck her into bed at night, just as I always gently stroke her forehead and cheek when I sing to her. When I stand up to leave her room at night she says, “Ni-night mama. Yuv you.” She rubs my back during hugs and rests her cheek on my shoulder. When Ember is crying Kate crouches down next to her, and asks, “Emmer, you okay?” She mimicks all these things, picking up these mannerisms and expressions and enfolding it into who she is, learning compassion and care – learning how to love. I’ve read some things lately that reminded me that not all children get that much.

Ember now frequently reaches her hand outstretched towards my face. If I get close enough to grabs my lip or pats my cheek in that not-quite-under-control-yet way of babies. She laughs with delight when I say “Nom nom nom!” and pretend to eat her fingers. She also gets very excited about random things and loves to jump in her jumper. She also attempts to jump in the exersaucer, but that doesn’t go as well.


Both kids have been sick all week and I am pretty frazzled to be honest. Kate doesn’t act sick but she has a stomach bug and there are many diapers of horror. There is much gagging going on in this house. Ember doesn’t have the stomach bug (yet?), but she’s all congested and every time I turn around more snot is running down her face. And because of the congestion getting her to fall asleep is a huge pain in the ass – I have to lay down with her for a good 15-30 minutes and she won’t let go of my boob. This is a big problem during the day when it’s me home with both girls! And after all that work getting her to fall asleep she frequently wakes up after only 30 minutes because she was snorting. She’s also spending all night cosleeping in my bed because I don’t dare move her once she’s finally asleep, and that means I’m getting very little sleep because I can’t get comfortable. (And when I do finally fall asleep one of the two children wakes up crying.) The kids don’t even appear to have the same virus so on top of everything I’m paranoid that someone’s going to get the other thing. I had a minor form of both but am over it now.

Ember is also starting to drop down to two naps a day instead of three, which means that instead of one nap at the same time as Kate’s she’s now napping before and after. They pretty much tag-team me, one waking up just as I get the other one to sleep. Bugger. It was ever so convenient to have two sleeping children at the same time.

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  1. Guilherme says:

    That’s a beautiful poem. And tnkhas for sharing her blog — I went and checked it out and I’m hooked!I hope you’re doing well, and I have SUPER HIGH HOPES for you this FET, I really do. You will be an amazing momma.