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Trick-or-treat with a 2 year old

November 2, 2012 — 11:09 pm

I took Kate trick or treating for the first time this year. I was pretty excited about it, and Kate was just happy to wear her costume again! I wore Ember in the mei tai and Kate held my hand as we went from house to house. Den stayed home to hand out candy (to the 2 trick or treaters we ended up having). This, continued for the entire time, was pretty much how it went:

“Mama, punkin!”

(No you can’t have it, mama holds the flashlight.)

“More twick oh tweet?”

“Punkin! ‘Nudder punkin! Two punkins!!”


“Fwashlight, mama?”

“More door?”

“Twick oh tweet.”
[takes the chococlate bar… grabs another and tries to grab a third before I stop her]

(No, mama is holding the flashlight.)
[whining ensues]

“Mama? More punkin? Punkin? Mama? Punkin? Punkin? Punkin? Punkin?”
(YES there are pumpkins!!)

(Put down the stick, Kate. Put it down. Yes, it’s broken. Please put it down.)

“Done walking.”
(Then stand up so we can go home… please get up.)

We went to 8 houses. It took us half an hour. I feel like that was just fine! Toddlers really are slow as molasses, though. Every leaf, stick, pumpkin, car, bike, door, light… everything was pointed out and stopped for. But she seemed to get the concept of going to the doors and getting candy in her bag and everyone who answered the door thought she was the cutest thing ever. Then when we were done that stretch of the street I held her bag of candy and handed her the flashlight for the walk home, which made her day!

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