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Stubborn old dog

April 1, 2009 — 10:57 am

My father’s dog is a senior, at nearly 14 years old. I check her hearing every time I come, and I’m pretty sure she can hear okay. However, she plays dumb so it’s hard to tell.

I called her up on my bed, and she layed down on my side, where my feet are supposed to be. “Oreo, move over,” I said. “Oreo. Oreo, move.” I nudged her with my foot. “Oreo! Move!” I nudged her harder. Not a flicker of understanding from her… not a twitch of her ears or a glance of the eyes. She continued staring at the wall as if she was old and completely deaf and did not notice me insistently pushing her from under the blanket.

I ended up sleeping diagonally across the bed, leaving her where she was. She’s old, and I don’t really want to yell at her. I guess she’s earned her fake senility.

One response to “Stubborn old dog”

  1. Me says:

    My cat, fat @ss, pretty much always sleeps in the bed with us. She either sleeps horizontally (so her head is at the edge of the bed and her back feet are in my tummy) so that my husband and I have only 2/3 of the bed to share OR she sleeps sprawled out at the foot of the bed so that I have to put my feetsies on my husband’s side. But I let her.